Lake Michigan Law
Lake Michigan Law

About SWM

Jonas C. Saunders, Paul L. Winter and Douglas J. McNeil came together in 2007 to form Saunders Winter McNeil. The combination of unique talents and backgrounds has allowed the firm to evolve into a full-service law firm, which provides legal services to a wide range of local, regional and national clients.

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is the primary concern at SWM. Adherence to the following principles has led to success in this regard:

  • Service

    SWM provides clients with first-rate service in a timely manner. All matters receive the attention they deserve and clients enjoy direct, personal contact with their attorney throughout the process.

  • Value

    SWM adds value by offering exceptional services while being mindful of the value of such services to their clients. At SWM, we care about our clients’ bottom lines and work with our clients, as well as for them.

  • Problem Solving

    SWM is here to solve clients’ problems. The attorneys at SWM employ a practical approach to ensure that resolutions are achieved in an efficient, economical manner that best suits clients’ needs.

  • Creativity

    As the regulatory structure of conducting business and completing transactions becomes increasingly complex, it pays to have the assistance of legal counsel who knows all the angles and can creatively map out a course of action. SWM is known for its creative problem solving – a skill that often gets the best result, while saving both time and cost.

  • Connections

    While SWM is a full-service law firm, there will always be issues which require additional outside legal assistance for any number of reasons. When such situations arise, SWM can refer matters to a number of regional and national law firms throughout the country to assure that our clients’ needs are adequately served.