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Lake Michigan Law

SWM Practice Areas


Our attorneys can assist individuals and employers in a number of employment disputes, whether it’s a breach of employment contract, whistle-blower, FMLA, Wage and Hour, discrimination, or sexual harassment matter—to name a few. We have experience in securing confidential settlements for our clients facing a wrongful discharge, just-cause termination, or forced resignation. In many cases, our attorneys can assist in a favorable settlement prior to filing suit or going to trial—saving needless expenses in attorney fees and costs. We also specialize in reviewing and negotiating employment agreements, non-competition agreements, and severance packages. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Breach of Employment Contract
  • Whistle-Blower
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Wage and Hour
  • Discrimination Based On:
    • – Age
    • – Race
    • – Gender
    • – Disability
    • – Pregnancy
    • – Nationality
    • – Religion
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Review / Negotiation Of:
    • – Employment Agreements
    • – Non-Competition Agreements
    • – Non-Solicitation Agreements
    • – Severance Packages
  • Unemployment Insurance Agency Representation & Appeals